Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System Review

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System Review

The industrialization has made our lives easier by equipping us with the best facilities but also has polluted our environment. Water pollution is a major defect of industrialization. The water coming to your tap might include harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, minerals, and many other containments.

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System is a one-in-all water system that cleans the water, purifies it, and also softens it. This setup acts as a private water treatment plant at your home which makes the water perfect and healthy for your family.

So, whether it is a contaminated community supply or a person well, this water filter system is packed with all the necessary hardware to completely treat it. This system contains a water filter, a salt-free descaler, and a UV purifier.

Let us now get to the key features of this all-in-one home water treatment plant:

Key Features You Must Know


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  1. Smart Design

This water filtration system is intelligently engineered to maximize filtration media for ultimate performance. The unique up flow and dual tank design increases the water contact time with contamination absorbers for maximum filtration

This unique innovative Aquasana Rhino design provides you with the pure performance for a longer time. This system claims to remove up to 97% of chlorine from a million gallons of water or for up to 10 years.

  1. SCM Technology

Scale Control Media is an innovative technology featured by Aquasana in this filtration system. It conditions water rather than softening it and removing the minerals. Hence, the beneficial minerals remain in the water while harmful ones are converted into harmless.

SCM naturally and safely reduces scale buildup on internal pipes and plumbing of your house. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals or salts like other water softeners but rather uses water flow to alter the structure of hard mineral ions.

  1. UV Filtration

The UV filtration tank in this water treatment system purifies water up to the extreme mark. The bacteria, viruses, chlorine-resistant cysts, and other harmful germs can make the water unsafe to drink for members of your family.

The total protection provided by this filtration system purifies and sterilizes water up to 99.99% and kills almost all bacteria, viruses, and other germs. The chlorine-resistant cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are also eliminated by this UV purifier.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Chlorine and volatile organic chemicals can evaporate in steam showers and contaminate the air you breathe. This filtration system removes these harmful chemicals to make breathing safe for you.

This system also reduces other harmful contaminants like heavy metals, organic chemicals, and industrial solvents, hence making water clean and great-tasting for you. Additionally, this cleaner water producer stronger flavors in your cooking and makes cooking quicker.

Moreover, harmful chemicals and harsh chlorine can also cause damage and dryness to your skin. So, this filtration system also provides you with healthier showers which are healthier for both your skin and hair.


The installation of this device is difficult. It requires a detailed step-by-step guide and also a good set of plumbing skills. Nothing’s impossible but for effective placement, we would recommend that you get a professional plumber for fitting.

We would recommend getting brass fittings instead of plastic fittings, as brass fittings would be more efficient. Furthermore, this setup comes with pre and post filters, a salt-free conditioner tank, and a UV purifier tank.

Besides the basic provided piping and fittings, you will need additional connectors, fittings, pipes, and an electric supply for the UV purifier. It is better to get a bypass pipe so that in case there is an unfortunate blockage in the filtration system, you can continue to use the water supply.


This complete water filter is a bit difficult to maintain. As it provides you with a premium lifestyle and healthy water, it also requires proper servicing. The outside of filters can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Chemical cleaning is strictly restricted.

However, you are required to change filters regularly. The company also advises changing the filter sooner if you notice the water pressure dropping. This entirely depends on the number of contaminants in your area’s supply.

Here are key points about changing filters:

  • Pre-Filter should be changed every 2 months or when it’s no longer white.
  • Post-Filter should be changed every 9 months.
  • UV Light Bulb should be changed once a year.
  • The Rhino unit must be changed wholly once the 10-year limit or million gallons are complete.
  • Healthier Lifestyle
  • Smarter Design
  • SCM Innovative Technology
  • UV Filtration
  • Superior Filtration
  • Million Gallons Capacity
  • Pro Grade Installation Kit
  • Difficult to install yourself
  • Requires regular maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System soften water as well?

It contains a Salt-Free Water Conditioner which conditions water by transforming harmful mineral ions into non-harmful ones hence keeping mineral nutrition intact.

  1. How often do you have to change filters?

The pre-filter requires a change after every 2 months and post-filter after every 9 months. The UV bulb should be changed once a year.

  1. Is it difficult to change the filter?

No, it is very simple. You are only required to replace the older filter with a newer one with hands. It can be done with simple unscrewing and screwing back the tops.

Final Views

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System upgraded with Salt-Free Conditioner and UV Purifier is a complete personal water treatment plant that has the monstrous capacity of one million gallons which can work for up to 10 years.

Though it is a bit expensive and difficult to install but is worth it. One is completely satisfied with the safety and health of his family with this filtration system.

Jeremy Lee is a researcher and part-time blogger who has a passion to discover cutting-edge technologies related to water filtration. He knows the importance of purified water in our lives and started this blog aiming to provide the best product reviews, buying guides, and other useful information related to water. When not working, he loves to spend time with his beloved wife and two kids.