11 Best Whole House Water Filter Review & Buying Guide 2021

Best Whole House Water Filter

The best whole house water filter system is a simple method to get clean and purified water in the entire house. It can treat contaminants, sediments, irons, chemicals from well-water. In return, you will get clean and fresh water throughout all water faucets and showers.

Unlike a water filter faucet, a whole house water filter is not only for your drinking but also for household appliances. You can use it for showering, cooking, laundry, etc.

But choosing the best one is uneasy. Many certain factors need your consideration, such as filtration lifetime, connectors, filter types, and more.

To help regarding this, we are here with the best whole house water systems so you can choose the right one that completes all your needs for both drinking and using. Let’s look at which we are bringing to make your best bangs for bucks.

List of 11 Best Whole House Water Filters




SpringWell Whole...
Editor Choice

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

  • Flow Rate 12 GPM

  • Up to 10,00,000 Gallons of water

  • No Electricity Required

  • Lifetime Warrenty

  • Flawless performance

iSpring WGB32B...
Editor Choice

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Water Filtration System

  • Carbon block filters

  • Meets NSF and ANSI standards

  • Up to 100,000 Gallons of water

  • DIY installation

Home Master Whole...
Editor Choice

Home Master Filtration System

  • Up to 15 gallons per minute

  • Comes with multi gradient density sediment filters

  • Reduces maintenance

  • Improves purification

Aquaboon 20' x 4.5'...

Aquaboon Big Blue Water Filter System

  • Double O-ring

  • HFPP for extreme purification

  • Fits FDA standards

  • Safe to use

GE GXWH40L High Flow...

GE GXWH40L High Flow Home Filtration System

  • Compatible with pipe connections

  • Three months life for the filter

  • Lots of accessories included

  • Clear sump

EcoPure EPWO4...

EcoPure EPWO4 Universal Large Capacity Filter System

  • Great performance

  • Easy to change filters

  • Have mounting brackets

  • With pressure release button

3M Aqua-Pure Whole...

Alfi 5621104 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System

  • SQC design

  • Up to 100,000 gallons capacity

  • Have inlet and outlet connections

  • NSF certified

Express Water Whole...

Express Water Whole House Water Filter

  • Eliminate 52 types of contaminants

  • 3 stages of filtration

  • Improved effective quality

  • Worth for price

APEC 2-Stage Whole...

APEC 2-Stage Whole House Filter System

  • 2 stages filter offers effective performance

  • Filters up to 70,000 gallons of water

  • Reduces fine particles

  • Improves quality

DuPont WFPF38001C...

DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filter

  • Clean up to 15,000 gallons per filter

  • Increases the quality of water

  • Easy to glide bypass valve

  • Great durability

1- Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

SpringWell Whole House Water Filter System

If you mean to buy a water filter system, then what better than SpringWell whole house filter? People appreciate the water filter system a lot due to its ability to purify tons of water each day. Now, you do not only have clean water to drink but also to shower and cook food.

The SpringWell water filter enhances the water taste and provides better hydration. It is a salt-free water filter system that works using a carbon bed. Most importantly, it eliminates toxic materials such as herbicide, sulfur, bad taste, and odor from water.

Most of us either drink tap water or bottled water; you may have noticed that the tap water has a bitter taste. The SpringWell whole house water system is ideal for people looking for sustainable solutions to drink more water and maintain health.

With 99.99% elimination of chlorine, water taste is significantly enhanced. Your food also tastes better because of this overall filtration system. People are skeptical when they get their hands on a water saltwater filtration system. It enhances the salt content in water significantly.

However, the SpringWell whole house water filtration system is suitable as it has a five-stage water filtration capacity. It passes the water through the carbon channels eliminating the harmful toxins. Once the water is free of toxic chemicals and toxins, the final stage is getting rid of contaminants.

Overall, the water quality is systematically enhanced to achieve clean drinking water, which you can use to cook and wash dishes.

Hard water can ruin your skin and hair as it has a high content of magnesium. However, you do not have to suffer anymore because you can simply use SpringWell’s whole house water filter. It neutralizes water and makes it suitable to use for hair and skin.

  • 5-micron filter
  • Removes harmful contaminants and toxins
  • No electricity required
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Expensive


The SpringWell whole house water filter is an excellent purchase as it is high-quality and a superb capacity water filter. It does need frequent filter changing, but it is worth it if you analyze the overall features.

2- Culligan WH-HD200-C Filtration System

Culligan WH-HD200-C Filtration System

The Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Filtration System makes sure that your family has a healthy life. It is offering great functionality against dirt, sand, and silt. It is a consistent way to get clean and fresh water, Unlike other systems throughout the house.

Unlike other models, it runs smoothly and longer. That’s one of the major reasons impressed us. It works to reduce all the contaminants from water and provides fresh and dirt-free water to your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, laundry room, and all other facets.

This water supply machine comes with two systems. The first one is the canister. It allows you to see the filter is working or not. It houses the filter, and you don’t need to take it out from it.

While the second function filters. A battery powers it. It has a sensor that keeps track of the filter performance and alerts you when you need to replace the filter for improving performance.

Best of all, this system is certified by WQA, so it meets all the quality standards. It offers some attachments: a wrench, mounting bracket, filter monitor battery, and filter life monitor.

Not only that, it ensures the best quality of water by removing all possible chemicals, sediments, contaminants, and other particles. It tries its best to provide safe water, not for your family but also plants.

It is easy to use and made of highly durable material that makes it the best water filter available on the market.

Features apart, you have to face its little downside. It may not be compatible with your water supply line only if you are using water pipes for the water system, you will have to deal with its installation issues.

So you have to look for an appropriate connector that may be a hassle for you. Besides that, it is our topmost recommendation. You just need to track the integrity of the filter into the main water supply.

  • Easy to use and monitor
  • Allows a filter change monitor
  • Robust construction
  • Effective performance
  • May face issues for connecting to your water pipe.


With tested by WQA, this water filtration system is improving the comfort of your family and all other household needs; like any good home filtration system, it can treat all the bad water problems. It reduces sand, fine sand, dirt, rust, sediment, coarse, and other contaminants from the water, so you stay healthy and fit.

3- iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Water Filtration System

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Water Filtration System

A reliable and trusted brand has created the iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Water Filtration System. It is a perfect deal to remove unwanted sediments, iron, chlorine, and more.

This water filtration system is manufactured to protect your family and other household needs. It lets you say goodbye to tasteless water by removing smells.

Unlike other systems, it uses a polypropylene sediment filter. This filter works flawlessly by eradicating up to 95% of all contaminants to let you get the best quality of water free from rust, industrial solvents, and VOCs, and other particles.

Not only that, but it can also eliminate up to 99% of chlorine. However, the gospel truth is, this type of filtration system doesn’t minimize total dissolved solids because of its pore size.

The best thing is, it doesn’t clog up easily and can filter up to 100,000 of water. That is awesome. For improved functionality, it is certified by NSF.

Either your water supply consists of chlorine, pesticides, rust, sediments, VOCs, or other contaminants, this water system has got you covered to treat the whole house water.

It offers DIY installation and maintenance. So, it allows manual instructions and available online videos on YouTube. Thus, you have to no mess with heavy maintenance.

Apart from that, it is offering top-notch quality. With the first stage of its filtration process, it can eliminate up to 5% micro sediments.

While the second stage of its filtration has a CTO carbon block filter, it provides coconut shell carbon with great quality to get excellent filtration efficiency.

Thus, there are no clogging issues and without delay in water flow. Plus, we discussed earlier, it is a certified product from NSF. That offers great peace of mind when it comes to high-quality products.

With a huge capacity of filtration, it can clean water for a full year, so if you need a residential filtration system, it is a good option. It eliminates chemicals, herbicides, and other particles.

The filter worth mentioning here that this product is equipped with PP layered sediments for more performance. It allows a coconut shell carbon block filter. These features densely improve water quality.

Above all, there is the only issue we have found its tricky installation process. Since if you do not have any know-how, then don’t install by yourself. Apart from it, it would be a great investment for you and your family to stay healthy and strong.

  • Provides great quality
  • Good filter life
  • Certified and adequate
  • Worth for money
  • Pretty hard to install


The iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage water filtration system is designed to remove all the unusual contaminants that your municipal water supply has. It cleans up water ideally due to the entry filter point, so you have clean and fresh water to drink and use.

4- Home Master Filtration System

Home Master Filtration System

Now we have the Home Master Whole House Water Filtration System with advanced technologies. An American company manufactures it. This company is renowned for its innovative reverse osmosis RO solutions for both homes and industries. This one is also one of its best products for whole-home water solutions.

This filter has three-stage filtration to deliver clean and clear water with pressure performance. It can be used for massive faucets, showers, sinks, and more.

You will love its features. It provides up to 15 gallons per minute, which is great than other models in its range. Also, it offers longer service intervals that save your bucks, effort, and time.

It allows three-step filtration. It includes multi-gradient sediment, radial flow iron, and radial flow carbon, respectively. This combination makes sure you will get the most purified water.

What can it treat? This filtration system can treat manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide contamination. It can handle up to 3ppm. In addition to this, it can eliminate foul tastes, bad odors, staining, etc.

More than its filtration quality, it features a great filter housing with 1-inch ports. This feature makes sure the strong water pressure as possible. Up to 15 gallons per minute, It is estimated that it provides clean water throughout its life.

Moreover, there are features of a coconut shell carbon filter that can treat up to 95,000 gallons of water. This range of water completes all the needs of a family for a full year.

It can remove up to 95% of chemicals, sediments, and all contaminants that can damage your water for the taste.

Additionally, its oversized filters improve the flow rate. It reduces maintenance frequency. Hence, it would be the best water filter system, which doesn’t provide any convenience and saves your time and money.

Thanks to its multi-gradient density, replaceable sediment filters provide finer filtration. It is a great capacity for dirt, dust, sediments, rust, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and more without slow down the water pressure.

Besides all, it can be difficult to get sourcing for replacement filters.

  • Effective performance
  • Excellent for small households
  • Small filter pore size
  • Trap finer contaminants
  • Replacement of filters can be expensive.


All in all, the Home Master Whole House Water Filtration System is an effective solution for small household water issues. It has smaller sized filter pores and traps finer contaminants without affecting the quality of water pressure.

5- Aquaboon Big Blue Water Filter System

Aquaboon Big Blue Water Filter System

For those folks looking for the most reliable filtration system for the whole house, the Aquaboon Big Blue is for them. Not only does the system perform outstandingly, but it also improves your health.

The Big Blue ensures the best water quality due to its efficient filters that keep the residues at ideal levels. It is for both rural and suburban households that keep the water clean from all sediments.

Unlike other water filter systems in its price range, it offers a large capacity of flow rate. It can be applied for heavy sediment applications.

There are featured an opaque sump function. This works against chemicals. It is because of its construction. It is made of polypropylene. That’s why it is stronger and works effectively.

Not only that, it has a black cap, which is constructed from high flow polypropylene for stiffness. It is enough for not only your home but also commercial and industrial filtration to get well-water.

For added convenience, this system is designed to provide great security. The water will not cause leakage. It doesn’t get outside of the system because of a Double O-ring it has.

In addition to this, you can find it on the side of the cap on the inlet. It has a button which you have to release with pressure. This feature can be used for filter cartridges.

Best of all, this filtration system has a long lifetime. It fits FDA standards systems that makes the installation and maintenance easy.

Ease of use apart, it can remove all the sediments that can damage your health. It includes rust, dirt, particles, and large contaminants. Indeed, it does a great job due to its modestly-sized pores. It never limits the water flow, and the brighter side is, a replacement for the filter is also saving.

With strong construction, great housing and universal design, and great performance, its filtrations make it the best on the market.

  • Leading brand
  • Rugged construction
  • Straightforward replacement
  • Adequate water flow
  • May be not easy to install


Al in all, the Aquaboon Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System prevents leakage issues, and maintenance is a breeze. It reduces all the contaminants and makes the water well. Due to very rugged construction, it lasts a long. Other than durability, it is compatible with a range of water supply.

6- GE GXWH40L High Flow Filtration System

GE GXWH40L High Flow Filtration System

Next up, we have the GE GXWH40L High Flow Whole Home Filtration System to complete the needs of water filtration of a small household. It doesn’t take too much space with a compact design and proves its efficiency at a low cost.

It also eradicates water contaminants, sediments, scales, dirt, debris, rust, and other particles. Thus, it ensures the best quality of filtration.

Not only can it be used for drinking but also cooking, bathing, gardening, etc., and using this water system, you will get a longer lifespan of your other water appliance such as coffee machines, blenders, showers, laundry, etc.

It has a translucent canister, so you can easily view the water filter. It also eases the replacement and lets you know when to assess the integrity of the screen.

Clear sump apart, it is made of rugged construction. This feature enhances its durability factor. Also, it is compatible with pipe connections in horizontal only.

Its premium performance is a certified product that can reduce rust, scale, sediment, dirt, and plumbing fixtures.

The installation process is a piece of cake, and in this regard, it has a 1″ plumbing connection, pressure relief valve, bypass option, mounting bracket, and indicator.

When it comes to the accessories, it includes filters, an installation kit, wrench, and mounting brackets.

However, this water system requires replacement every 3 months. No doubt, it makes the water quality better but replacing the filter cost is high.

Some reviews explain that it works as it promises. Like other filtration, it should also require placement before your water tank; otherwise, it clogs. Also, you will get a false reading, and it can burn out your pump.

  • Reduces all sediments
  • Allow easy viewing
  • Compact design as well as well-performance
  • Extend the lifespan of other water-related appliance
  • The service life of the filter is short.


Nevertheless, it provides excellent performance for small families and household needs. It has a compact design with high-quality filters. This appliance would be an appropriate choice for those who have a small home and want a water system with all bells and whistles to complete well-water needs.

7- EcoPure EPWO4 Large Capacity Filter System

EcoPure EPWO4 Large Capacity Filter System

A trusted brand manufactures the EcoPure EPWO4. With a small design, it has a big pack for large household needs. It is an effective solution to control the sediment issues where they begin.

It provides high flow water filtration for larger homes with 1-inch plumbing and easy to install on the incoming water live. Indeed, it cleans the water in a better way throughout your entire home.

There are featured an open sump system. This function ensures water keeps free from chlorine, bad odors, sediments, and other contaminants.

It can be easy to install wherever you want in your home with a simple yet compact design. If you’re going to protect your plumbing and water-using appliances, you should place it before your water softener/water heater.

Best of all, it allows easy to fit features. Being said that, it gives you a customized fit. The drop-in-style filter makes it easier to install.

It also provides micron ratings that can trap small particulates such as sand, silt, sediment, and more.

Along with micron rating, it also allows a higher micron rating. This feature allows you to track the large particles. However, the ratings are depending on the water. It also varies somewhat how often you long you change the filter.

Let’s take an example. If your water quality is so bad, then a low micron rating filter won’t last as long. Also, it requires more changes for filters.

Out of the useful features, this product will be most suitable for your whole house water filtration needs or appliance. Hence, you will get extended life for your appliance of cooking and other water-related ones.

Moreover, some accessories include a water filter system, mounting bracket, pressure release button, wrench, etc. The pressure release button is used for changes the filter.

Additionally, it keeps you tension free while installing the system. It is because it does offer an instruction manual so you can do installation appropriately.

Besides that, this is the best filter against sediment, contaminants, bad odors, dirt, rust, chlorine taste, and more.

When it goes to its downside, keep in mind that it is designed for homes with 1-inch water lines. So if you don’t have this water supply, you have to look for adapters that can be challenging.

  • Improves quality
  • With NSF certification
  • Compatible with 1-inch water lines
  • Useful in the reduction of contaminants
  • Installation manual
  • Compatibility can be a problem.


Regardless of its compatibility, the EcoPure EPWO4 is designed for large house needs. It would be the most effective option to get rid of chlorine’s smell, minimizing the sediments, so you have well-water with good taste.

8- Alfi 5621104 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System

Alfi 5621104 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System

The Alfi 5621104 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System has no exception to get filtered water. It is designed to reduce all the harmful contaminants such as chlorine, bad taste, smelly odors, and more.

With the latest technology, it can increase the life of water heaters and appliances. It includes dishwashers, clothes, blenders, and more.

Its water filtration system makes the water clean from all build-up contaminants. It features an SQC (Sanitary Quick Change). This feature allows fast and easy change-outs with no hassle.

It provides up to 100,000-gallon water capacity at a high flow rate of 10 GPM. But if you want to get peak level, it goes up 20gpm.

There are featured an activated carbon filter. It can trap up to less than 0.5 cm of microns. That’s is quite a great reduction ability.

Moreover, it has a 304 stainless steel construction head. This feature allows for easy installation of existing copper pipes in the home. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant material, it offers a long service life.

Whether you have a chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supply, this water system is recommended for both to get pure water. It also helps the food to cook in bets way to you would stay healthy.

Best of all, this whole house water filter delivers a high-quality hygiene and sanitation system. It integrates several innovations to help you get from bad problems. Indeed, it would help you to increase the life of all of your family members.

More than that, there is no complex things required either for installation or maintenance. You need to do for installing is just simple, easy enough as well as replacement of filters. Without any special tools, you can get it done with no tension or hassle.

Thanks to its simple design and functionality, this is the best filter system to cover large household needs.

Everything is perfect, but some reviews claimed its service life, which is less than ideal for price. On the brighter side, it is ideal for medium to large families.

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to replace
  • With NSF certification
  • Get the best quality of water.
  • Effective results
  • Filter life could be improved.


To sum up, Alfi 5621104 3M Aqua-Pure’s review, we can say that it is beneficial for our health. It doesn’t only provide safety for health but also extends the life of goods. With quality certification, it is ideal for both municipal and well water systems.

9- Express Water Whole House Water Filter

Express Water Whole House Water Filter

Express Water Whole House Water Filter is a comprehensive unit that provides clean water to the whole house with the same pressure.

This filtration system delivers pure water without adding any chemical to it. You can take a shower, wash your appliances, and use it for other purposes.

Moreover, this water is also used for cooking because it comprises 100% food-grade material.

This unit is designed with highly durable PCE plastic and stainless steel material. Its compact design delivers 0.25 gallons per second at 45-80 psi.

It does not waste any water during water filtration. It does not send any water down the drain. Along with this, it also saves your time and money, because it is a worth buying unit.

It works in three stages; Sediments, Granular Carbon, and Carbon Black filtration.

In sediment filtration, the unit remotes all the sand, dirt, and dust from the water. The sediment filters consist of microfibers. These filters easily capture the contaminants down to 5 microns.

Further, the second stage consists of Granular activated carbon filters. These filters remove chlorine elements from water. Moreover, they also restrict insecticides and all the chemicals that cause a bad smell, taste.

The third and last stage is an activated carbon block. It captures pesticides and all the organic carbons. It makes the water pure and able to drink.

This is an efficient working system. Also, it is easy to use and perform high profile working. Apart from all this, the filter system’s life depends upon the quality of water, its temperature, and water pressure.

Besides all, it sits at a dry place for the best and outstanding working result. It is the most convenient device because it ensures complete and easy water treatment from all the germs and bacteria.

  • 3-stage water filter
  • Remove all the water problems
  • Fast flow filtration
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Great working
  • Difficult to install


All in all, this whole house water filtration system is NSF and ANSI standard certified. With 3 stage filtration, it provides 100% of food grade material, which enhances its durability to the next level.

10- APEC 2-Stage Whole House Filter System

APEC 2-Stage Whole House Filter System

APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System is a standard option for clean and safe water. You can enjoy clean and chlorine-free water very easily in a few seconds.

It has a two-stage working ability. Both stages work simultaneously for the best output. The first stage is designed to remove all the dirt, dust, and small sediments from water. It can carry up to 30 microns.

Similarly, the second stage consists of a 25-micron carbon filter. This filter absorbs chlorine and other organic compounds.

Both these stages remove the bad smell and taste of water. Thus water becomes more natural in flavor.

Additionally, It is the filter system that gives fast water flow rates. That meets the daily needs of a user and house.

This unit is suitable for houses and best for restaurants, cafes, and other social places. Its outstanding filtration ability makes it a more popular gadget.

In addition to all this, clean and pure water is also utilized by beverage shop owners. These beverages provide an amazing taste of the drink.

It is lined with high-quality sediment and carbon filters. These filters clean enough water for a whole family. Thus the complete house uses limitless water.

On estimation, these filters purify almost 70,000 gallons of water. This is a limitless ability of filters.

This water is used for all purposes, such as showers, cleaning dishes, gardens, and cooking purposes. This purified water enhances the taste of food and provides a full nutritious diet.

Furthermore, this water preserves the real taste of vegetables and fruits.

It is not only useful but also affordable. It facilitates users with amazing features at a highly economical price.

Meanwhile, the unit is installed very easily. It sets up at the main water line. This mainline delivers appropriate water to all the taps of the house.

  • Ensures great taste of water
  • Removes sulfur from the water
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Also, highly durable
  • It takes more time to plumb it


This water filtration system is recommended for the whole house to get clean and sediment-free water. With a 2 filtration system, it effectively works against contaminants. Also, it has a pleated design that improved its durability so that you will get longer service.

11- DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filter

DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filter

Clean and safe water is the basic need of everyone’s basic need. It is essential for every house and a healthy lifestyle of humans. Thus, DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filter provides this basic need in a highly appropriate way.

First of all, It increases the clarity of water and delivers it to the whole house. Then, this water is used for a lot of activities, including cooking.

This treated water maintains the real taste of food. Moreover, this pure water is great for the health and life of a person.

This unit helps to remove all the harmful agents and small sediments from water. The removal of this material increases the shelf life and working of the unit.

The framework is transparent. Hence this transparency helps to see the filtration activity of water. This makes it more interesting and popular.

The filters have enough capacity to purify a large amount of water. They can easily treat almost 15,000-gallon filters.

This unit is specifically utilized for indoor purposes. Similarly, It works extremely best for commercial offices and small households.

In addition to all, this filtration system has an easy-glide bypass valve built-in to the housing head. This valve feature helps in repairing the unit and cartridges. Moreover, the main water supply is not cut off during this repair activity.

Furthermore, the filters have a special setup to remove chlorine and the slit particles present in water. The removal of these elements improves the quality of tap and bathwater.

All this ensures a smooth and continuous flow of water throughout the day. Thus this unit satisfies the need for pure water.

Above all, it consists of ¾ inches of inlet and outlet exposure. Overall, this unit is well-built to fulfill the water requirements of users.

  • Great efficiency
  • Amazing filtration techniques
  • Also highly Affordable
  • Remove chlorine elements
  • The threaded opening is too big
  • Poor filter quality


This water filter system is an ideal deal for your whole house because of its killing performance. It can clean up to 15,000 gallons per filter, so you have clean water free from sediment and other particles.

Whole House Water Filter Buying Guide 2021

Best Whole House Water Filter

Why Should You Use A Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter is a simple yet cost-effective solution to treat all the well water problems. As its name implies, it is not for one faucet; it can be used for the entire home. Each system comes with point-of-entry filters, which you have to adjust before the main water supply, so the incoming water gets clean. It can clean water from all contaminants, sediments, rust, sand, dirt, debris, and much more.

Efficiency and Convenience

It treats the well water before arriving at showers, taps, and other faucets. It lets you get safe drinking and using. Unlike a water filter faucet, it provides fresh and clean water to all of your houses, including laundry, dishwashing, bathing, and other areas.


The water filtration is designed with the latest technology in mind with a multi-stage filtration system. They ensure you will get contaminant-free water. Also, they have innovative designs, so you can use and install them easily. Also, they can remove bad taste and odors, so if you want to get the best quality of filtration, you should be sure about its technology.


It is the most crucial factor. The whole filtration can be costly, but worth investing in order to access filtered water in the entire house. Not only can it improve your health, but it also requires less maintenance and extend the life of your household essentials.

Hence, you can use a whole house water filter system to eradicate:

  • Bad taste and odors
  • Chlorine and sediments
  • Small particles
  • High bacterial contaminants

Things to Consider While Buying Whole House Water Filter

First of all, let me clear you, there are so many types of whole house water filters available on the market. Each water filter system is designed to eliminate contaminants. In terms of determining contaminants, you have to look at these factors:

Major types include:

  • Sediment

Sediments affect our health in a worse way than you can ever imagine. They are usually visible particles, including sand, rust, dust, dirt, debris, and more. These can be strained out mechanically. So make sure you have water without sediment, which improves your health. Otherwise, it would damage your health.

  • Chemicals

If your household water systems have chemicals, then carbon activated filter is the best option. It removes all the chemicals and lets you get clean and fresh water.

  • Iron

When it comes to iron, it includes ferrous and ferric. These usually have water supplies. So if the filter has an ion exchange or oxidation, it is the best way to remove iron.

Thus, before purchasing the whole house water filter system, you should make sure which filter you need for your water. For this purpose, you can consult with professionals or check with scales available on the market.

  • LifeSpan

The lifespan of a water filter is also most important. You have to compare the lifespan of the filtration system by reviewing different sources. It should have long service. It determines how long it will serve you; then, you need to replace the filter.

  • Certified

Apart from lifespan, you should also keep noted of those products which offer certification. It ensures you get a standard certificated model which will complete all of your needs as a promise. It also meets all the criteria for the flow rate, either it is for the dispensers or household water-related appliances.

  • Filter Size

The gospel truth is that you should get a large screen so to get more water filtration. In this regard, you have to check the filter’s port that affects the GPM, which is the most essential thing.

Each water filter is manufactured to filter a certain quality of water in its lifespan. So when the limit reaches up, you have to replace it.

Talk about the lower limit; you will get a filter with 10,000 gallons and can clean water in this range you have to change its filter.

Now let see the higher limit; it comes with up over 1,000,000 gallons of filtration. When the limit ends, you have to purchase its replacement filter to get clean water.

Besides that, several systems provide up to 500,000 gallons, which can last up to 5 years. After this duration, you have to change the filter to treat the water.

What is Whole House Water Filter and How It Works?

A whole house water filter system is created to remove all the contaminants from well water that can damage your health. It can help you eradicate heavy metals, rust, sand, dirt, chlorine, odors, and sediments from the water. Not only that, it effectively works against the bad taste of water. Also, it can extend the lifespan of your household appliance.

Unlike other filter systems, the whole house water filter can treat all the incoming water to your house from the water supply. It makes it especially helpful to complete all your needs and improve your health in a better way.

How Does It Work?

A whole house water filter works as a point-of-entry filtration system to remove all the chemicals, contaminants, particles, and more from the well-water. It treats all the water that you use in your entire house.

After installing, when you get water from any faucet of your home, it comes clean. Being said that, it treats all the bad water and lets you get clean and fresh contaminant-free water that doesn’t damage your health.

You have to install it before the main water supply, so when the water comes into home pipes, it will clean the water through its built-in filters.

When you run any tap or faucet, it exposes the treated water. That’s all.

How to Install the Whole House Water Filter?

Let’s see which are steps you need to follow for the installation of whose house water filter. These include:

You have to drain the system after turning off the main water supply.

Now you have to install the filter, so choose the appropriate location to change the filters.

You have to cut the pipe through a pipe cutter.

It’s time to install the filter by reading the instructions on the filter box.

Make sure you have installed the compression nut and plastic. If there is any leakage issue, then use Teflon tape to fixing.

Also, you have to check the port’s direction.

Lastly, you have to turn on the filter valve. Also, check for leaks, and turn on the main water supply.

How to Maintain the Whole House Water Filter?

Keeping an eye on any appliance extends its life, and similarly, water filters demand it. Apart from the replacement filters, you have to clean the filtration unit properly.

If you have the reusable filter, you must wash them regularly and reinstall them into the system.

Make sure you are cleaning with an appropriate product.

In either case, the filter system with a discard filter must replace it with a new one.

When it comes to clean the carbon filters, you have to clean their sump and the head. You can use any bleach or detergent for that purpose.


  • What Are The Advantages Of Having A Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter will provide the best quality of water to you in an efficient way. We know that water’s main supply has chemicals, contaminants, sediments, irons, or heavy metal particles. These things can damage our health in a worse way. To make better quality, we need a filter, and a whole water filter can be a life change not only in terms of improving our health but also extends the lifetime of our household essentials.

  • What Are The Disadvantages Of A Water Filter?

There are two disadvantages you might need to face. First, it may require plumbing for installation. It may also be costly because you have to replace the filters as mentioned time stated on each one.

  • How Is Much Flow Rate Good For Me?

The flow rate of water to your water filtration system determines how much filtered water you will get per minute. When it comes to the whole house water filter, it has to provide clean water to the entire house, so you have to look at two factors. If you have a large house, then it gets to get more than 10 GPM. While if you have a small house, it is good to go with less than 10 GPM.

The GPM (Gallon Per Minute) is the ratio which provides water from the main water supply to your entire house such as faucets, showers, appliance, toilets, etc.

The Conclusion

As you have seen the whole house water filters and how it works. We have covered all the important points you should look at while buying the best whole house water filters. Apart from that, you have learned how much it is important to get a filter system to drink clean and fresh water.

So if you are truly concerned about your family and household essentials, you can choose any of one above them to make the best purchase this year. Besides that, if you have any questions, then we are 24/7 here to help you. Thank you for visiting. Stay Safe, Stay healthy.

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