WaterBoss Water Softener Review

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Waterboss Water Softener Review

Due to industrialization, the water we drink today contains lots of harmful minerals and other contaminants. Water softeners and filters have become the need of almost every household in the cities.

Waterboss Water Softener is one of the best water softeners which comes at a budgeted price. The reason for its economic cost is the use of electric supply and the use of salts. Another economic benefit of this water softener is that it uses very little amount of salt for regeneration.

Moreover, this water softener also provides efficient and faster regeneration. Moreover, it automatically flushes itself when it reaches the limit and becomes ready for softening water once again.

This water softener also comes with iron and sediment filters which are a bonus in this system. These filters reduce the iron up to very little size. This efficient water softener solves most of the hard water problems.

Let us now get to the detailed Waterboss Water Softener Review:

Waterboss Water Softener Review

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Key Features You Must Need to Know

  1. Economic Choice for the Whole House

Waterboss Water Softener uses salt and electricity as basic equipment for softening the hard water in your home. Hence, this system requires salt-filling from time to time but comes at an affordable price and maintenance and doesn’t require expensive replacement carriages.

However, the electric connection limits this softener to places where an electric supply is available. The large 22,000-grain capacity allows for whole house water treatment on one hand while making it a bit spacious limiting place options for its placement.

  1. Iron and Sediment Filters

The iron and sediment filters that are present in this water softener should be considered a bonus. The iron filter, in particular, is so effective that it reduces iron as little as 10 ppm. Hence, your water now is free from iron contaminants.

Moreover, It also contains a sediment filter. This sediment filter acts as a net for dust particulates in your water supply and filters out all impurities from water.

  1. Intelligent and Faster Regeneration

This water softener uses less supply to regenerate. This feature makes it an efficient model because older models used more salt and water to regenerate soft water, but this model uses as little as 15 gallons of water and 2.5 lb. of salt for regenerating soft water.

Moreover, this water softener also provides one with faster regeneration. While other water softeners take almost half an hour to process and regenerate soft water, this Water Softener only uses 18 minutes for regeneration which is almost half of that time.

  1. Built-in Self Cleaning

This water softener treats water by use of salt, hence the regeneration process creates some residue which the softener needs to vent in the drain. Some of the water softeners require you to clean this residue or vent it manually each time it reaches its limit.

This water softener however automatically identifies when it has reached the limit of hard water mineral reduction, it flushes automatically and cleans the resin using a salt-water solution called brine. Hence in a brief time, this softener is ready to work again


This water softener is easy to install and only requires some basic plumbing skills. You can do it as easily as changing any other water appliance. Along with skills, it will also need basic plumbing equipment.

However, the installation has the following requirements to be in place:

  • Electric Supply
  • Drain Pipe

Hence, one must find or prepare such a place. Moreover, the installation also requires some precautions which are mandatory for effective working. As follows:

  • Turn of electric or gas supply to the water heater.
  • Make sure the intake and out-take pipes are not plugged with any residue substance.
  • Check arrows for an appropriate placement, do not place them in opposite direction.

Your appliance also contains a bypass valve as a precaution in case your softener faces some unfortunate defect. Moreover, this bypass valve can be used for outer water uses such as watering plants, washing floors, etc.

Maintaining the Waterboss Softener System

The maintenance for this water softener is a drag but can keep you active. Since it is an economic design, you need to maintain it regularly. However, maintenance is a lot easier because of its self-cleaning technology.

Since it is a salt-based water softener, it requires regular salt input for water softening. This Waterboss Water Softener is much more cost-efficient since it regenerates more with less salt and water, hence saving your money.

The need of venting or removing the residue manually is eliminated by this advanced technology which automatically vents once it has reached its limit. Another maintenance requires a change of iron and sediment filters when needed.

For outer cleaning, you can use warm soapy water. Chemical cleaning is strictly forbidden since those chemicals can affect your water or the water softener badly.

  • Whole House Water Softening
  • Iron and Sediment Filters
  • Faster and Efficient Regeneration
  • Saves Salt and Water
  • Built-in Self-cleaning
  • Economic Choice
  • Requires Continuous Maintenance
  • Needs Electric Supply and Drain for Placement


Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Waterboss Water Softener remove water hardening minerals?

Yes, this water softener removes water hardening minerals by salt treatment. The salt removes those minerals into a residue which is automatically flushed into the drain.

  1. Does this model save more salt and water than other water softeners?

Yes, this model is more efficient and uses less salt and water for regeneration. It uses water as little as 15 gallons and salts 2.5 lb. for the regeneration process.

  1. Why does a water softener need a bypass valve?

The bypass valve is necessary as your water supply won’t be affected if your water softener meets an unfortunate problem. Moreover, outdoor water usage doesn’t need softening as it will be useless and cost you more.

Final Views

Considering the price of purchase and maintenance, the Waterboss Softener system is certainly an economic choice. It comes at an affordable price and management is also cost-effective. Moreover, this water softener contains features like self-cleaning and less salt use which make it much more efficient than other water softeners. I hope this detailed WaterBoss Water Softener Review will help you make a wise buying decision.

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